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Zesty Lemon Macaron (MAC11-060+)

Zesty Lemon Macaron (MAC11-060+)

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Collectible solid glass zesty lemon macarons filled with malted chocolate ganache are created from finely ground colored glass powders using variations of the centuries old technique of pate de verre. Meticulous attention to detail has gone into the construction of each of our pieces to enhance its appeal and collectibility. We offer these macarons either plain or with a drizzle of the malted chocolate ganache on top.

These inedible confections are from our 'Macaron Collection' and are among our many delectable treats. We design our art glass delicacies to evoke memories of innocence, love and happy times. These pieces are created to tease, seduce, tempt and delight. Use them to create a unique display in a favorite heirloom dish or cabinet for your home or office. They are also perfect and thoughtful gifts for yourself or your friends.

Each glass lemon macaron measures approx. 1.75" diameter x 1" high. The bottom of the macaron is covered in felt to protect the surface it will sit upon. All of our beautiful glass treats are signed (Hulet), dated and come to you in a small gift box with an enclosure card telling a bit about the piece.

This listing is for 1 glass zesty lemon macaron. The various photos show examples of the slight variation between the individual handmade macarons. The final photos show other of the glass goodies in our Macaron Collection.
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