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Glass Sugar Balls (28-000+)

Glass Sugar Balls (28-000+)

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Gloriously radiant little glass balls of sweetness that look as though they have been rolled in sugar.  These beauties sparkle and shine when displayed in a crystal bowl with sunlight enhancing their beautiful hues. Collect all 19 lampworked, handmade flavorful colors.

Each glass sugar ball measures approximately 1" in diameter and is shipped to you in a white fluted glassine paper candy cup.  This listing is for 1 glass sugar ball. These inedible treats are from our 'Sugar Ball Collection' and are among our many chocolate treats. We design our art glass delicacies to evoke memories of innocence, love and happy times. These pieces are created to tease, seduce, tempt and delight. Meticulous attention to detail has gone into the construction of each of our pieces to enhance its appeal and collectibility. Use them to create a unique display in a favorite heirloom dish or cabinet for your home or office. They are also perfect and thoughtful gifts for yourself or your friends.

This listing is for 1 glass sugar ball. The photos show examples of the color variations that we offer. Be sure to select your color choice from the drop-down menu.

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