Empty Heart Box for 12 to 16 Art Glass Chocolates (BxEH16)

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A handmade heart-shaped display box that will hold 12 to 16 of our art glass chocolate candies (depending on the size and shape of the chocolates). These boxes are especially designed for storing and displaying your Hulet Glass chocolate collection.

  • They are perfect to fill with the glass chocolates of your choice to give as a gift to a loved one.
  • You could place an open box of scrumptious glass chocolates on the nightstand in your guest bedroom to encourage sweet dreams.
  • You might display an open box of seasonal glass chocolates as part of your holiday décor.
  • . . . or just place a box of glass chocolates as a tasteful conversation starter to intrigue your friends.

The possibilities are endless . . . Elegant and classy, these boxes are sure to enhance your glass chocolate collection!

These boxes are created by the Hulet sisters to frame the glass chocolates and securely protect them for years to come. Meticulous attention to detail has gone into the construction of each of our creations to enhance its appeal and collectibility.

This heart-shaped box holds up to 16 of our glass chocolates and measures 7" x 6.75" x 1.75". It is constructed of deep brown rigid double-wall paperboard with a matte finish. It is lined with 100% cotton fabric that is cranberry red in color.  A small deep red bow and tiny glass flower are attached to the box lid.

This listing is for 1 empty box as seen in the first photo. As the sizes and shapes of our chocolate treats vary, please feel free to contact us and we will check to insure that there is no problem in fitting your chosen chocolates into this size box.

The fourth photo shows the box filled with glass chocolates and the final photos show our other display box selections.

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